Generator Party loves to celebrate the grunge/alternative rock era, and they would love to celebrate with you. Whether you’re looking for a themed event, or you just can’t get enough guitar-driven angst, Generator Party The Band is ready to bring you their high energy show!

Contact us through email at generator.party.the.band@gmail.com and we’ll be pleased to chat with you about how we can make your event/concert/wedding/party/Kurt Cobain-themed costume contest a party to remember.

View a sample of our vast song list of 90’s and early 2000’s grunge/dance rock hits, b-sides, plus a few surprises! Please contact us if you would like to see our full secret setlist recipe if you’re considering hiring us for your next event.

The crunchy, grungy sound of the ’90s (even a ’70s tune or two) filled our ears from the street stage  – we had a front row table for “Generator Party”, and they are fantastic! Get in line to be the president of their fan club!

Stephen Mason

Cover Bands Suck, they say. Whoever ‘they’ is. I can confirm ‘they’ don’t know nuthin. I bring you Generator Party.  Crazy good.
Mike Nazwaski

Saw them perform at Linsmore Tavern last night and they were amazing! Great song selection, vocals, and unreal stage presence. Highlights for me included their Rage, Hole, and Foo Fighters covers.

Harla Lazaris-Receno